Prenatal Massage

There are many myths about prenatal massage. It is very common to err on the safe side and just deal with pain during pregnancy vs getting a massage and possibly doing harm to the baby. The main thing you should know is that it is completely safe to get massage at any time during pregnancy from a properly trained prenatal massage therapist. I have learned the best ways to position you during a prenatal massage to have you as comfortable as possible, and also allow me to be able to access any areas that are in pain. I definitely recommend contacting me directly if you have any questions or concerns about a prenatal massage. 


Deep Tissue | Sports Massage

The majority of what I practice incorporates deep tissue and sports massage. I do a lot of sports massage from the serious athlete who is constantly looking at improving what they do to the person who is just looking to continue participating in their favorite hobbies without having to deal with the pain of it for days after. If you ever have issues with your massage therapist going too light on pressure, or backing off before you are feeling relief then I'd love to work with you! 

Neuromuscular | Trigger Point Massage

I practice proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation along with trigger point massage primarily to help increase range of motion. This can also be very effective at relieving tingling or numbness in hands which is often caused by spending too much time with your arms in a forward position.

MET | Assisted Stretching

Muscle energy technique or MET and assisted stretching are active massages, which means you don't just get to lay down and rest during the session. During this massage you will be asked to contract specific muscles throughout the session to help decrease pain and improve range of motion.

TMJ | Migraine Relief Massage

Temporal mandibular joint disfunction massage or TMJ massage is used to relieve jaw pain, which has also been shown to reduce the frequency of migraines. I have suffered from migraines in the past, so I have done extensive research to decrease the pain during a migraine, and to lower the frequency of migraines. I have done a lot of work with people to help them get back some freedom in their lives from not having to constantly worry about if a migraine will ruin their day.